Your entirely new smart home

We are happy to welcome you to homesofsmart.com! What do you think of when you hear the word “home”? Typically, people associate their home with a cozy place where they can feel safe and happy with people whom they love. But what if you do not feel secure and comfortable at home? It has been proven by research that such stress might cause a lot of diseases. It is high time for changes! Are you in the process of improving your home? We are here to provide you with the best smart solutions for your home. In our store, you can shop for voice assistants, hubs and software, including home comfort and wellness, lighting and power, smart bulbs / light fittings / switches, smart plugs / outlets, remote / automated blinds and shutters, energy monitors, solar / PV and wind power generation, indoor air quality, indoor air quality sensors (CO2, monoxide, smoke, toxins, dust), automated heated / cooling / thermostats (temperature), ventilation / AC control – (integrated tech or enabling existing tech to be automated e.g. ceiling fans or fireplaces), air purifiers, security / access items such as cameras, alarms / sirens / chimes, entry sensors (garage / door / window), access control, locks, intercoms, personal security / child safety, home theatre / entertainment, including audio, visual, pc / games console, cleaning and maintenance, including automated cleaners, leak detection, automatic valves (plumbing), and automatic air fresheners, and outdoor / garden / garage items, pool/spa cleaner, garden irrigation / sprinkler systems, automated lawn mowers, and automated shutters.

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